Education is a community effort, and it doesn’t start or stop at the schoolhouse doors. I have been partnering with educators for decades through local nonprofits, elevating unheard voices and engaging families.

Sensitive Storytimes Training: Partnered with Hennepin County Library to develop training for youth librarians which enabled them to make their libraries more welcoming to families living with autism. This training grew from a MN Department of Education Literacy grant and included literacy tools for parents, educators, and professionals. This day-long training has been adapted to libraries across the country and also adapted to train Hennepin County Peer Mentors.

Sensitive Storytimes: A program launched in MN libraries to host storytimes that are built for neurodiverse families. In consultation with librarians, I help them design inclusive storytimes, including adapting space, content, structure, messaging and involving partner organizations like Northstar Therapy Animals and R.E.A.D.

Workshops for Families and Educators: I developed and led workshops for educators and families on inclusion topics like bullying, sensory design, and safety.

Conferences: Helped develop programming for state autism conference, selecting and working with speakers. Edited curriculum for the MN Autism Symposium for Educators

Literacy Camp: Developed and administered a week-long camp for educators and students that used the tools of poetry to unlock creativity, writing, and voice in those who struggle with literacy. Wrote and administered the grant from MN State Arts Board.


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