Join Me in Voting for Shannon Andreson for Hopkins School Board on Nov. 5!

Shannon Andreson is a consistent advocate for exemplary educational​ opportunities for all learners, regardless of learning style and circumstance. She will make an excellent addition to the Hopkins School Board. Shannon understands the difference personalized education can make in the lives of children, and her own family is proof of her effective advocacy.

Connection-Hopkins School Board

Shannon has distinguished herself as an articulate spokesperson for the District in her conversations with Hopkins state senators and representatives, and she will be an astute and collaborative voice on the school board. Shannon knows how to advance clear, compassionate, and logical positions supporting 21st-century curriculum and policy measures that will benefit all Hopkins students.... Continue Reading →


"Through her own family’s journey and her extensive volunteer experiences, Shannon brings to the table a deep knowledge of Hopkins’ educational services. She embraces Hopkins’ diversity as the strength that it is, and fully understands that test scores are just one piece of the complicated portrait of any child. Shannon believes we can close the... Continue Reading →


Education is a community effort, and it doesn't start or stop at the schoolhouse doors. I have been partnering with educators for decades through local nonprofits, elevating unheard voices and engaging families. Sensitive Storytimes Training: Partnered with Hennepin County Library to develop training for youth librarians which enabled them to make their libraries more welcoming to... Continue Reading →

Connection-Glen Lake

"Shannon Andreson, she is thoughtful in her words, purposeful in her actions and dedicated to high-quality public education. I serve with Shannon on the district’s Special Education Advisory Committee where she ensures all students have access to the full spectrum of educational opportunities. She would be a great Hopkins School Board Representative." - Katie Whitnah,... Continue Reading →

Showing Up

I show up for Hopkins Schools. As a five-year member of the Hopkins Legislative Action Coalition, I have worked in partnership with the school board and administration to advocate for legislative policies and funding that have a direct impact on Hopkins families. Stabilize funding for mental health in the schools, so schools and families can... Continue Reading →

Connection-High School

"I have served on the Hopkins Legislative Action Coalition with Shannon for many years. I am very impressed with her passion for public education, and especially for special education students. She has in-depth knowledge about state and federal laws that impact our schools and has been a strong advocate for our students at the Capitol. Shannon... Continue Reading →

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