Join Me in Voting for Shannon Andreson for Hopkins School Board on Nov. 5!

Shannon Andreson is a consistent advocate for exemplary educational​ opportunities for all learners, regardless of learning style and circumstance. She will make an excellent addition to the Hopkins School Board. Shannon understands the difference personalized education can make in the lives of children, and her own family is proof of her effective advocacy.

As a longtime member of the Hopkins Legislative Action Coalition and involved
Hopkins parent at the elementary, junior high, and high school levels, Shannon has demonstrated a keen grasp of funding needs and policy issues faced by Minnesota public school districts.

In the years I’ve worked with Shannon to advance education legislation policy, I’ve come to respect her highly. Shannon’s background as a nonprofit communications professional will be a distinct plus at the school board level, as will her skill in networking across various constituent groups. While serving with Shannon on the LAC, I’ve witnessed her laser-like focus on good policymaking, solid governance, and careful stewardship of resources.

Shannon has distinguished herself as an articulate spokesperson for the District in her conversations with Hopkins state senators and representatives, and she will be an astute and collaborative voice on the school board. Shannon knows how to advance clear, compassionate, and logical positions supporting 21st-century curriculum and policy measures that will benefit all Hopkins students. Please join me in voting for Shannon Andreson for the Hopkins School Board on November 5.

– Susan Wootten, former chair of the Hopkins School Board.

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