This is me

I am running for school board because I believe that schools are for all of us!

I have decades of nonprofit and community work, specifically shifting narratives and developing programs to engage and help families thrive in their homes, schools and communities. A graduate of Gustavus Adolphus, with an MA from Syracuse, I am a fierce advocate for the public schools that inspired my lifelong passion for learning. 

I live that advocacy through my volunteer work with the Hopkins Schools Legislative Action Coalition, Art Adventure and the district’s Vision 2031 task force.

I parent two students who access services across the educational landscape. I see first-hand, through the hard work and dedication of skilled educators, the power of public schools to transform lives. That personal experience informs my work in the community as I partner with educators, parents and professionals on issues like mental health in the schools, accelerated learning, literacy and inclusion.

I want to give back to Hopkins Schools. I am ready to grow my advocacy for Hopkins families by serving on the school board and ensure all have access to the excellence that our family has enjoyed. Because schools are for all of us!

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  1. I endorse Shannon for school board. She is thoughtful, hard working, and accepting of diverse views. I have worked with Shannon on several projects and value her contributions.


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