Core Values

Vigilant Equity | Hopkins Schools are rich in diversity. It is our greatest strength. Yet, Hopkins, like other communities across the state, has an opportunity gap. More teachers of color, restorative justice programs are ways that we disrupt this system so that race is no longer a predictor of educational outcomes.

Authentic Inclusion | Hopkins Schools work hard to support all families. While my family has benefited from full inclusion, accessing services across the educational spectrum, too often students languish in service silos. All students deserve a rigorous and robust learning environment.

Community Connection | Families, students and teachers need support – financial, emotional and administrative. Relationships are the key to life-long success. And our community can wrap their care around our students; homework help, after-school groups, mental health in the schools, mentorships, community meals. Keeping our families connected and at-home in Hopkins.

Brilliant Futures | Access to innovative education services defines outcomes. Bridging service silos, eliminating tracking and amplifying student voices will increase access to AP classes, PSEO and CIS. All students should see themselves reflected in classroom success stories.

Because Hopkins Schools are for all of us.


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